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Chasing Ice Collage

Chasing Ice


For the past month, I have focused my energy on getting as many people as possible to see the documentary Chasing Ice.

The film is the story of how a challenging photography assignment from National Geographic turned into an environmental photographer’s mission to change the tide of history by More >


Night Light


My home city Columbus recently hosted an art exhibit that really lived up to the hype and also directly tied into recent “Photography 101″ night photography posts on my website.

Bruce Munro: Light

Bruce Munro’s Light features ten light-based installations both indoors and outdoors at one of my More >

Columbus Downtown Gritty

Photography 101: How to use light and color at night


Once you have been practicing the basics of night photography, you can begin to put more attention on the artistic side of your compositions.

Light is the most important part of any photograph.


This concept still applies in night photography, but it takes on a larger significance because you More >

IMG_9032 web

The asado experience I wish I had in Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires has been on my mind.  I miss the architecture and grittiness.  I miss that meals are social events lasting for hours.  Steaks by Luis recently contacted me to check out their “closed door” asado experience.  I was intrigued by the idea as it is unlike anything I saw when I was living More >

iphone 155

Alternative transportation revolution


What seems like a very long time ago, I wrote about the challenges of living a car-free lifestyle in Columbus, Ohio.

I love Columbus.

A lot of great stuff has been happening in this city in the past five years, and it keeps getting better. But my biggest pain point has been transportation.

That has More >


Photos: Nicaragua Sunsets


Winter in Ohio sucks this year.  I do not mind the snow because it is pretty (at least before it becomes an icky grey mess), and it means I get to snowboard.

But I do mind the terrible cold we have had this year.

So in order to survive what I hope is only a few more weeks of Winter weather, I went More >

Abandoned building at night

Photography 101: 7 must-know tips for shooting at night

I have always found night photography to be beautiful and intriguing.


But I had never tried shooting at night until recently.  It seemed too difficult and complicated.  I had no idea where to begin.

So I took a class.

It was a struggle for the first few weeks, but I finally got over the hump More >

sockerman_p3_stopped2 web

Photography 101: Motion

Photography 101:  Motion Photo #1


For this shot, I used the blurred motion technique.  I chose to fill the frame with the drums to make the photo all about the movement of the drumsticks. The repeating pattern of the drums and suspenders gives this photo additional interest.

Photo #2


For this More >

sockerman_p2_s1 web

Photography 101: Landscapes

Photography 101:  Landscape Photo #1


Every photography teacher in Columbus is bored with photos of downtown, probably because everyone has taken every single vantage point and angle possible.  But I love a good cityscape, so I knew I had to take one photo of the skyline.  I tried to capture the More >

sockerman_p1_s4 web

Photography 101: Color and Detail


Since I’ve been back living in Columbus and working in at an office job full-time, I have had to find a new balance.  It has not been easy, but I have committed to making it work for me.

Balance is not just finding time for friends and family, time to relax, and time to take an amazing More >

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